Cara® Ice Bag and Wrap, 1/BX

Cara® Ice Bag and Wrap, 1/BX

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  • Effective method of applying cold therapy to a localized area
  • Place pack in a chilling unit or freezer
  • Packs remain pliable and soft even below freezing
  • Packs remain at a therapeutic level for up to 30 minutes
  • Chilled pack should be applied to treatment area using either a light towel or Relief Pak® cover


VENDOR: Cara Inc
VENDOR NUMBER: 03805600075
PRODUCT ID: 70281700
BRAND: Cara®
UPC: 038056000750
DIMENSIONS: Wrap - 30 X 5 Inch, Ice Bag - 9 Inch
MATERIAL: Neoprene, Nylon
SECURING METHOD: Hook and Loop Closure
SIZE: King Size
TARGET AREA: Ankle / Knee / Elbow / Thigh
USAGE: Reusable


HEIGHT: 6.5 Inch
WIDTH: 3.7 Inch
DEPTH: 0.42 Inch
WEIGHT: 0.43 lbs.