About Us

The ever growing number of OTC products available in the market has become bewildering and confusing.

The Best OTC is here to guide and save you time in the task of identifying the best products available in the different OTC categories.

We aim to identify as well as provide the best OTC ‘s , in spite of manufacture shortages, purchase denials and back orders that may arise. We will also continually add new items to the categories which we believe are worthy of consideration.

In today’s health and wellness environment the movement towards self-awareness and self-health management has grown dramatically. While there is no replacement for the advice of a health care professional the usual default is to purchase an OTC product for minor ailments. We are committed to participating and contributing to this important and  growing community.

Anderson Wellness and it’s FSA and Best OTC home delivery program is one of numerous alternatives available in today’s market. If we are fortunate to be chosen to meet your needs then our grateful promise is to earn your trust and become a long term loyal partner.

Our byline Listening and Caring reflects our core belief. That is what every visitor and customer can always expect.